We love to do something that gives us joy.  Our joy sometimes, or maybe most of the time, overflows that we cannot help ourselves but share what we feel to other people.  Not that we boast, or make other people jealous of us, but as a social being, it is our nature to rub others with what we feel.  As we infect others with our happy moment, the resulting phenomenon is a celebration of life!   This is what this platform is all about. We celebrate life and God’s goodness, not only me, but us, or those who would like to savor what life has to offer.

This does not mean that we will only come together to celebrate and keep our problems and challenges to ourselves.  We can also share our heartaches and sorrows, so that other people can empathize, or if it is a mistake, to learn from it.  We will not only give sympathy to people who are sharing how they commit mistakes but thank them also for giving us the warning not to experience the same.  No judgment. Experience is the best teacher. We commit a mistake once, it is understandable, but we commit the same mistake twice and we are fools. We should look at errors not as something that we can avoid but something we can learn from.

How miserable it would be if we have something to rejoice and we are alone, or if we have too much burden and no one is there to comfort us.  I thought of this platform as an opportunity for me to express what I feel and share lessons in life I have learned. So that those who come across with this site can join, and as we travel in this road called life, together we can celebrate in times of joy and collectively help each other in times of sorrow.