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The advent of internet and social networking lured most of us away from reading, I mean real reading.  Most of us degenerated into mere browsing – facebook, twitter and youtube posts, and we cannot stand more than one page article.   FB posts have even appealed to our gossipy nature, as we would like to have a peek and be updated on the lives of other people.  We also let other people have a peek into some parts of our lives, those we would want other people to see, and in the process create a persona different from who we really are.

I may be among the few remaining people who love books.  Reading has become an addiction that does not require rehabilitation. Since electronic copies and soft reading materials are here to stay, I tried myself to develop the interest to read ebooks. Now I have a list of sites that I follow and regularly read, but I still go to bookstores to buy hard copies of books I like, creating a wider range of choices for me. Let me share the topics I read which I have classified into four main types.   

First, the food for the soul. I choose materials that uplift my spirit. I read at least five chapters of the Bible daily. The readings give me inspiration and guidance. By doing this, I am also able to read the whole Bible from cover to cover at least once in a year.  I usually select the best verses and twit it as words of wisdom. I am happy that there are people who can relate with the twits by liking them and some even follow me for daily twits.  I also read short devotionals, inspiring stories and anything that celebrates life.

Second, current events updates.  These readings keep me abreast with the time. When I am at home, I prefer hard copy newspapers. If it is not available, I then browse the internet sites of newspapers. For Philippine news, Philippine Daily Inquirer; for Cambodia news, The Phnom Penh Post; and for Vietnam, Vietnam News.  To give me regional insights I read Singapore-based Channel News Asia. These are the sources of information and data that I use in my presentation and papers I write. In addition, I also read magazines that provide insights and in-depth discussions on the daily news that I read.

Third, personal capacity enhancement. With the competition, I have to always be updated with the latest development in my field of specialization.  I read work related materials that covers subjects such as development finance, enterprise and adult education. I usually relate new theories and processes with what I know and incorporate these to my existing tool box.  Under this category, I include the sites I read to enhance my writing skills.

Finally, books to relax.  These are the books that I read to pass off time. I read travel books and other light reading materials.  I also review classics written by great writers, usually the books required, but we hate to read, when we were in high school. Sometimes, historical books are good relaxing reads. Example of this is Ambeth Ocampo’s series of books on Philippine history.

I allot time to read, and it does not overlap with my office work or my time with my family.  Given a chance, I would have read more.