My personal laptop is basically the repository of my work and my knowledge.  It serves as my “extended brain”, where information and images are stored and sorted out.  All my documents, pictures, videos as well as the articles I wrote for my blogs and downloaded materials about my hobbies are in my laptop. I was so comfortable with it that even the username and passwords of the emails and sites I often visit and use were saved, and all I have to do is just press the enter key. The downside to this, is that being used to just pressing the enter key, I forgot most of the username and the passwords to the point where I cannot open these sites and email addresses if I am using another computer.  My work was made easy by the laptop and gradually I became totally dependent to it.

One problem was that, since I am focused on my work, I forgot that just like ordinary people, gadgets also get burned out (and just stop working without notice) or they can be sick (of course with virus). In times like these, there occurs transference where I am the one who really breaks down and not the computer. This is especially when I am working close to a deadline and I have no more leeway for an extension of time. It happened several times and believe me it was as if I lost a big part of myself.  To say my world crashed (with the crashing of the laptop) is not an exaggeration.

This happened to me again last Saturday – my laptop crashed at the time when I was working to start on a research project!  The good thing was that, I have learned my lessons and have prepared for events like this.  I was disconnected for a day, but this time I did not panicked because I have installed a system in my work habit to back-up all I do in my laptop.

First I set up other email accounts for each topics of my work. As I finish something, I attach the document I am working on and send it to the corresponding email account. In doing this, I am setting up two back-up copies – one at the SENT folder of the email I use for sending, and another at the INBOX of the email address where I send it.

Second, I cluster and place my files each quarter to a folder. At the end of each quarter I copy the folder to an external drive.  Again, I have two folders, the one at my laptop and another at the external drive. It goes for all files – documents, pictures, videos and downloaded files.  So at the end of each quarter, I have all my files in a separate physical storage.

The following Monday, I was relaxed, took the extra computer at the office, connected and copied the files I needed and continued working.