January last year I listed several things to do. As I reviewed the list, to evaluate and compare the results, I was quite satisfied as very few activities were not actually done (2 out of 13). Some activities in the list were done but the frequency or the number of expected outputs were below the target. For 2014, I prepared a list again and classified the activities into five clusters.

First cluster is WRITING. I have to regularly write on my blogs, the Kalakalan2 (personal) and the PFTAS (work-related) sites. I added expressing my views to current events and sending letters to the editors of newspapers.

The second cluster is READING. I have read a good number of books the past year and will target more books – classical, historical, biographies and business/finance-related books, either in hard copy or e-book format. Plus magazines and websites also of various topics.

The third cluster is EXERCISE, both spiritual and physical. I will have to re-read the Bible and reflect on it, as I have read it last year from cover-to-cover. On the physical part, the visit to the gym will be regular. This area has to improve to really manage my health and maintain fitness.

TRAVEL is the fourth cluster, the most exciting set of activities. As I will be based in Myanmar for the next three years, I will ensure that I will be able to visit all the places of interest in the country.  If there will be opportunities, visiting other places in the adjacent countries like Thailand can also be done.

The last cluster is an addition since it was not part of the 2013 list, STUDY. Going to school and learning at least one new skill will be tried. Part of this studying is learning more about my hobbies.

These activities are add-ons to my work. These are the things that ensure I will not be bored and refreshes me when work becomes too stressful.  Next, I will have to do the evaluation of my personal financial performance. Now that is serious work!