Moving on to a new work and a new place is nothing new to me. I have not worked for an institution or the same position for more than five years. It allowed me to have diverse experience and acquire knowledge in each of the work that I have completed.

Working for over three years in the Mekong (Cambodia and Vietnam), it is time to move on to another place and work. This week and the next will be spent introducing my replacement to our partners and turning over existing partnership activities.

I enjoyed living in Cambodia and Vietnam. I made friends, get used to favorite places to hang out, get myself familiarized with the culture and practices of the locals and other things that will make me nostalgic when I look back on this specific phase of my life in the future.

I did not said good bye to anybody. I don’t like good byes, since I always think of going back.  I always think of meeting again in the future people I have worked and made friends with.

So no good byes, no pinoy despidida, just plain see you later…!

Other than the memories, I was surprised to realize that I have accumulated so much during my stay in the Mekong. I have earlier brought with me three boxes during my earlier trips, and will have two more on my latest trip to Yangon! Most of these are books, souvenirs and clothes, and to think that I have even left behind a pile of books in our Phnom Penh office. I can’t just imagine the baggage when the three-year project ends.

Looking forward to the work in Yangon, I am excited to be in a new setting. The passion is the same as when I started doing development work in 1985, thinking that I can contribute in making life worth living for, and in making this world a better place.