It has been three months since my last post! April was the time when I was busy setting-up the project I am managing in Myanmar. At that time I still have time to read a book and write about it. Maybe because it was about Myanmar and I was keeping myself full of anything about the country.

After the Larkin book, I was still able to read books, the last one was The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, a story of a family during the Great Depression in the US. But what a pity, I was not able to write a single post since then! I thought of what could be the reason for this lapse. Activities of my regular work and the reports related to it were not a good justification. There were even inspiring events that could have pushed me to write – I travelled for the first time to Paris and Frankfurt. I was also accepted as a contributor to a local magazine and saw my articles published for two months in a row now. But even my excitement has not motivated me to write even a short post.

There is a time for everything. Maybe the reason is that I have not set aside time to write. Or maybe my priorities have changed and I have kept writing on the sideline. Or I am just plain lazy.

How come I am able to write now? I am feeling bad about something that has not been done at work, it is raining heavily outside, and I don’t feel like doing anything. So staring at my laptop, I thought I could write again…maybe…