The book was written by Hidy Ilagan, a freelance Christian creative writer. She is a friend, a freelance Christian creative writer, and who introduced me to writing opportunities in the internet. The work I did for some contractors not only provided a modest fee but enhanced my skills in writing as my work were critiqued and edited. She recently started a publishing company and the book was her first book.

I like the way she presented the seemingly complex way of aligning our personal plan with God’s plan for us in a simple and practical way. I believe that God has always provided us with overflowing blessings beyond what we asked for. The only problem is our insistence to do things our way, which often lead us away from what God has in store for us. Showing the basic steps in fixing our vision is inspiring, all we have to do is act. The prayer in each chapter empowers us to take immediate step and not to procrastinate. By doing things now, by immediately going back to God, we can experience and enjoy our inheritance!

The book is not a do-it-yourself kit that says we can do it alone. On the contrary, it highlighted the fact that only by being dependent to God we can make things in our lives the best! We hope to have more practical books like this that will help us draw close to God.

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