20150519_191306When I started working in Myanmar, there was no business visa that allows you to stay more than 70 days. At that time, I entered Myanmar by the visa exemption as part of the ASEAN agreement that allows only 14-day stay. So after two weeks of stay in Yangon, I fly out to Bangkok. Air Asia became the carrier of choice because it was cheap and they have several Yangon-Bangkok flights in a day.

Singapore Airlines was my preferred carrier when I fly to and from the Philippines. The transit in Singapore is enjoyable because Changi airport, as the best airport in the world, lives up to its projected image. I can stay hours without being bored.

The trip to Manila this time was to renew my passport. The travel does not count as an official trip so I have to pay for the tickets. Being broke, I have to choose a cheaper carrier, hence, Air Asia with the itinerary from Yangon, transiting in Kuala Lumpur to Manila.

The original lag time was just 7 hours. Before I left there was a message that instead of 8:15PM, there will be a one hour delay, so it would be 9:15PM. Arriving KL on time, I pass my time reading, finished the book Writing and the Spiritual Self by Patrice Vecchione and read a business magazine cover-to-cover. It was late when I found out that internet was free. That made my day. As I was browsing my emails, another message popped out saying the flight will be delayed, again!

I rushed to the departure board and there it was, it reads LEWAT (DELAYED)! And the sad part was that the estimated time of departure was 1:05am of the following day, 12 hours stranded in KL. The other time I experienced 12 hours waiting in transit was in Hongkong on my way to Fiji.

I settled myself and tried to draft this blog entry. I was surprised when Air Asia staff started distributing packed meals to all waiting passengers. Well, as we Filipinos say, un consuelo de bobo. I was eating the meal when they made another announcement, the final time will be 2AM. What, further delay? What to do? Since I have finished reading the book I brought and the magazine, I decided to surf the internet until my battery run out. After that I started people watching.