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Food porn was all over the Facebook during the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Unhealthy foods were on display and people feasting on them without restrain. The season is a justification for indulging in force-feeding our bodies with cholesterol, alcohol and sugar.

Food nourishes our body when taken in moderation and in a balanced way. The same with our spirit. It needs nourishment, not from physical food but from positive thoughts. As we take our meals every day, we also need an intake of spiritual food.

I take on spiritual food by reading devotionals and having a quiet time every day. There were times I could not read, but I catch up as soon as time allows it. In 2015 I used the Our Daily Journey with God (ODJ) as my devotional reading guide. I selected the top 15 quotes from the daily devotion that made the most impact, and I am sharing them now.

1. At any moment everything can change. And even when anticipated, change isn’t easy. -Regina Franklin

2. So while it is only right that we do our very best, it is never right when we take pride in our best efforts. Pride is a Christian’s greatest enemy. –Poh Fang Chia

3. I enjoy helping others grow closer to God, but I’m often driven, at least in part, by what I get out of the transaction. I like being liked, and so I like it when others say they like what I’ve shared. If I’m not careful I can use the gospel as a thinly veiled vehicle to stroke my own ego. –Mike Wittmer

4. While it’s important for all of us to respond to others’ needs, if the demands consume us, we may begin to serve people instead of serving God. –Jennifer Benson Schuldt

5. Money is an index to a person’s character. All through Scripture there is an intimate correlation between the development of a person’s character and how he handles his money. –Winn Collier

6. Much like a child who desires to renegotiate the rules, we often bring our questions to the Lord, not because we want to understand His ways but because we want to see His position so we can better argue ours. –Regina Franklin

7. When God allows our plans to be altered and even squashed, how do we react? Do we respond with anger and self-pity? Or with humility and quiet confidence that God is working out what is best for us? –Tom Felten

8. Relationships, whether with God, our spouse or anyone else are a journey – not a destination. –Regina Franklin

9. Refraining from violence, then, is not a sign of weakness in one’s faith; it is… a sign that one’s faith is unshakeable. –Roxanne Robbins

10. It’s all too easy to respond to the emptiness, disappointment or hurt that we’re experiencing by turning away from God’s commands instead of to them. –Roxanne Robbins

11. Suffering, it seems, is not the ultimate tragedy. Rather, living a life at odds with God is the greatest disaster. –Winn Collier

12. Every sin can be forgiven, but the effects of some sin cannot be corrected. –Mike Wittmer

13. We don’t have answers for all the injustices in the world. But we can be assured of this: God wants us to do our part to work for justice –Tim Gustafson

14. Jesus didn’t free us by retaliating against evil, but by submitting to it in our place – and then rising in triumph from the dead. –Sheridan Voysey

15. Our problem is not that my country is failing to live Christianly, but that the church is failing to live as God’s holy nation. –Mike Wittmer