The breeze was cool and the view was impressive. From the penthouse of the IMA building you can see the lights of cars as they crawl in the slow moving traffic along Bogyoke Aung San Street. The fading orange and golden rays of the setting sun provided the perfect backdrop for the imposing silhouette of a half-finished skyscraper.  Across it, the towering spire of the Anglican Church seemed to resent losing to the skyscraper. For good reason, because for several decades it dominated the skyline being the highest, but now it is dwarfed by the newcomer, the Junction building. The latest development in the heart of Yangon, a mixed-use of office and residential buildings a mall that hopes to replace the iconic Bogyoke Market.

IMA building is one of the redeveloped buildings in the area. It has its ‘historic’ record of being the location of the first KFC store in Myanmar.  It was amusing to recall the time when the KFC opened in 2015, some walking tours included it among the sights to be seen. After viewing the remaining colonial-era buildings along Pansodan and Strand Streets, the tour usually ends at the Bogyoke Aung San Street. And before the tourists go to the Bogyoke Market for the souvenirs, the guide would always show the KFC, the symbol of Myanmar’s march to progress and democracy.

IMA building also host the Myanmar Insider, a monthly business magazine. I responded to the magazine’s ad for writers and my first article was published in June 2014. Since then, I submitted articles on business and the economy and became a regular contributor.

An evening with writers, staff and business partners was thought of for the April 3 Family Night at the big open balcony of the IMA building penthouse. I thought this will be my opportunity to meet other writers of the magazine.


With Dr. Tin Maung Tu, Myanmar Insider publisher


The publisher Dr. Tin Maung Tu, Sonny to his friends, was an exuberant and gracious host. Most of the guests who arrived were from the companies advertising with the magazine, but most of the other contributing writers were absent.  I was a little bit frustrated for not meeting other writers, but I enjoyed the small talk with the staff and the guests.