We all have our own favorite spots. Ambiance, accessibility, good food, cold beer and other reasons may draw us to our favorite places. We also go to places where and when we need to see and be seen. Whatever the reason, we go back to places that gave us unforgettable memories and experiences and satisfaction to our cravings.  Suda Restaurant in Bangkok is for me, one of the places that fit this category. It is not a fancy place, just one of those open-air restaurants common to Asian markets.

I go there for the cockles – small, tasty shells which I don’t even know if saltwater or freshwater. I started to enjoy these shells when I arrived in the Mekong region. It is available in Phnom Penh and in Hanoi, but I rarely find these in Yangon. So every time I’m in Bangkok I make sure I visit Suda to indulge on cockles.

Cockles are best cooked medium by dipping it in hot water until it slightly opened up. The meat is soft and the juice becomes rusty red. Dipped in tamarind sauce with spices one can eat it with a slurping sound. A cold beer is the best follow up. What’s good in Suda is that it has San Miguel Beer among its wide array of beers.

With two plates of cockles and an ice-cold San Mig Light, my night is complete!