The last rays of the sun left an orange hue as it slowly faded behind the building under construction.  In the east, the moon has risen more than an inch from the horizon. Pale yellow, it was the only  thing visible in the wide expanse  of the cloudless Yangon sky.

My estimate was wrong. I read somewhere that the full moon will emerge at around 830PM, so I thought coming to the rooftop of Sakura Tower at around 6PM will allow me to witness  the slow rise of the moon.

The Supermoon was said to be an omen of  something significant. The last Supermoon was in 1948, the State of Israel was declared on that year. Now, it may be the dreaded Trump presidency or in the Philippines, the rewriting of history when the Supreme Court ruled that former President Marcos can be buried in the Libingan ng  mga Bayani (Cemetery of Heroes). Maybe there are more to come before the year ends?

The drinks and the great food added to the enjoyment of the night.

The next Supermoon is expected in 2034, hoping I can still view it.