Photo: Star of David and Menorah at the Musmeah Yeshua synagogue in Yangon

Daily devotions give us time to reflect and adjust our lives accordingly. In 2016, my devotional guide was  The Upper Room Disciplines. I am sharing the  top quotes that touched me.

1. While life has its horrible moments, clearly God yearns for our happiness, and we play a role in discerning the right time for the right action. Kenneth M. Locke

2. Prayer involves developing a relationship with God. For a relationship to develop we must invest in it and watch for changes over time. David Wiggs

3. Sometimes a cluttered lifestyle suffocates spiritual vitality. Jean Marie Thibault

4. Physical circumstance does not determine spiritual health. Elaine J.W. Stanovsky

5. Grief and pain may well blind us to God’s presence. Joan Campbell

6. Offer praise in the desert today, no matter how dry and cracked your voice, and you may well sense a cool, soothing breeze blowing through your heart. Joan Campbell

7. The important matter at hand is that we see the road and take the journey. As hard as it may be, we must carry our faith as a cherished seedling. We water it with our tears, fertilize it with our pain, and let the love of God shine on us as we make the journey toward the dance of joy. Kathy Evans

8. Humble service becomes the mark of love. Jeremy T. Bakker

9. The light is powerful, but sometimes, we take days to surrender to its loving power. Darian Duckworth

10. When we belong to a faithful community we find that serving others comes naturally. Roy M. Carlisle

11. We will experience seasons of doubt, dryness, hunger and thirst for God. But we will also revel in the harvest of grace and mercy. Emily Reeves Grammer

12. In our daily lives, our focus on schedules, plans and material possessions leaves little space to hear how God wants to use us that day. Chanequa Walker-Barnes

13. Sadly, we can also remember our own instances of going through the motions in worship, or relief that the preacher didn’t “get too wordy” and interfere with our plans for the rest of the day. What if, rather than too wordy, there were no words at all? Natalya Cherry

14. In Jesus’ parable the elder brother resents the sinner’s welcome and embrace. We too may believe that some people lie beyond God’s intimate embrace that offers healing and wholeness. We may believe, like the elder brother, that the sinners does not deserve mercy and grace. Steven Lottering

15. Jesus makes it clear that the sin of greed is not in possessing things but in being possessed by them.  Steven Lottering

16. We whose lives have been illuminated by God’s light must offer it boldly to others, never fearing the outcome. James E. Magaw, Sr.