A visit at the Secretariat House

The red-brick building was imposing as I viewed it with reverence last year, from the other side of the metal fence that surround the block. It is the Secretariat, the seat of the British colonial government and the place where Bogyoke Aung San, Myanmar’s national hero was assassinated.


For a long time, it was closed and tourists would just go around the block looking at it from the outside. The first time I learned somebody went inside was during the visit of President Obama. Talks about restoring it and opening to the public spread after the Obama visit. Last year, several events were made inside the Secretariat building, but my schedule did not allow a sidetrip.


I was excited when I learned that Goethe-Institut will be exhibiting in the building works of a German artist. The exhibit entitled Where the Land and Water End by Wolfgang Laib ran from January 14 to February 5. Although busy with my work, I was able to come during the last day.


Words are not enough to describe the stateliness I feel about the place. The building is indeed a national heritage that should be restored. See it for yourself.




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