There are places that leave an indelible mark in the heart of a traveller. Mine is the serene Rih Lake in Chin State, Myanmar, a heart-shaped lake in the mountain range near the border with India.  I grew up in a coastal town where the sea is just a short walk away, and that created in me a love for bodies of water, be it a wide ocean, a raging river or a small brook.




I think the Maker was in His jolly mood when Rih Lake was created. A simple shape, like when a child draws a heart on the ground, placed some water and planted a special tree on the banks around it. Just like that.


The place was declared a reservation and no development – residence or commercial establishment – was allowed in the area except for several duplexes to accommodate tourists.


We arrived in the place midnight and I was inspired when I woke in the morning to behold the lake.  Another morning I enjoyed seeing the fog gradually lifted like a curtain to reveal the beauty of the lake.