And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds

My Book List



  1. Shooting an elephant – George Orwell


  1. The Ottoman endgame – Sean Mcmeekin
  2. 1000 years of annoying the French – Stephen Clarke
  3. Our wars with the Burmese – Prince Damrong Rajanubhab


  1. Building the Tatmadaw – Maung Aung Myoe
  2. Burmese monk’s tales – Maung Htin Aung

 Personal improvement

  1. Tools of Titans – Tim Ferris
  2. How to be a Productivity Ninja – Graham Allcott


  1. When to rob a bank – Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner
  2. Freakonomics – Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner
  3. Wal-Mart: the high cost of low price – Greg Spotts


  1. Why do men have nipples – Merke Leyner and Billy Goldberg
  2. Living somewhere between Estrogen and death – Barbara Johnson


  1. Money as sacrament – Adele Azer Rucquoi
  2. One step at a time: a pilgrims guide to spirit-led living – Timothy Geoffrion
  3. The spirit-led leader – Timothy Geoffrion
  4. Household gods – Ted and Kristina Khik
  5. Risk – Kenny Luck
  6. That none should perish – Ed Silvozo
  7. Did you get what you prayed for – Wency Jo Sullivan and Jane Kise
  8. A Christian view of money – Mark Vincent
  9. Biblical demonology – Merril Unger
  10. The Apochrypha – Edgar Goodspeed
  11. Light to my path – Scripture Union


Political Order and Political Decay, Francis Fukuyama,  The trouser people: Burma in the shadows of the Empire, Andrew Marshall, Lord of the flies, William Golding, Ego Trip, Glynn Harrison, Trivial pursuits, Ian DiOrio


Myanmar Wonderland, Where China Meets India, Thant Myint-U, The Siege at Peking, Peter Fleming, The Various Facets of Myanmar, Tin Maung Kyi, The Piano Tuner, Daniel Mason, The Pagoda War, ATQ Stewart


HISTORY AND CONTEMPORARY POLITICS Pre-historic Philippines, Ambeth Ocampo Chulalongkorn’s Elephants, The Philippines in Asian History, Ambeth Ocampo Storm Chasers, Ambeth Ocampo River of Lost Footsteps, Thant Myint U Under the Dragon: Travel in a Betrayed Land, Rory Mclean Everything is Broken: Life in Burma, Emma Larkin Freedom from Fear, Aung San Suu Kyi From Third World to First, Lee Kuan Yew The Cage:The fight for Sri Lanka and the last Days of the Tamil Tigers, Gordon Weiss The Origins of Political Order, Francis Fukuyama CLASSICS Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens Madam Bovary, Gustave Flaubert Age of Innocence, Edith Wharton For Whom the Bells Toll, Ernest Hemingway The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck Divine Comedy: Inferno, Dante Alegheiri Divine Comedy: Purgatorio, Dante Alegheiri Divine Comedy: Paradiso, Dante Alegheiri BIOGRAPHY Confessions of a Bangkok Private Eye, Stephen Leather/Warren Olson No Easy Day, The Autobiography of a Navy SEAL, Mark Owen TRAVEL Bangkok Days, Lawrence Osborne An Innocent Abroad, edited by Don George FICTION Ilustrado, Miguel Syjuco SELF-HELP Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin FINANCE Warren Buffet and the Interpretation of Financial Systems, Mary Buffet FAITH Achieving God’s Vision, Emilou Ilagan


CLASSICS Oliver Twist,  Charles Dickens The Scarlet Letter,  Nathaniel Hawthorne The House of the Seven Gables,  Nathaniel Hawthorne Burmese Days,   George Orwell Nineteen Eighty-Four,  George Orwell The Animal Farm,   George Orwell The Old Man and the Sea,  Ernest Hemingway A Farewell to Arms,  Ernest Hemingway HISTORY AND CONTEMPORARY POLITICS The Extraordinary Life of Hun Sen,  Harish and Julie Mehta Kill Khalid,   Paul Mcgeough The Operators,  Michael Hastings Hour before dawn: The Fall and the Uncertain Rise of the Philippine Supreme Court,  Maritess D. Vitug Finding George Orwell in Burma,  Emma Larkin TRAVEL Trabant Trek,  Dan Murdoch The Dark Tourist,  Dom Joly FICTION Love in the Time of Cholera,  Gabriel G. Marquez BUSINESS The Best of Marketing Rx,   Dr. Ned and Ardy Roberto

 Read books: 2011-2012

DEVELOPMENT FINANCE Portfolios of the Poor, Stuart Rutherford, et al The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World, Niall Fergusson When There was no Money: Building ACLEDA Bank in Cambodia’s Emerging Financial Sector, Heather Clark

HISTORY AND CONTEMPORARY POLITICS Constantine: Unconquered Emperor, Christian Victor, Paul Stephenson God’s Terrorists: The Wahabi Cult and the Hidden Roots of Modern Jihad, Charles Allen Cables from Kabul: The Inside Story of the West’s Afghanistan Campaign,  Sherard Cowper-Cole In the Shadow of the Sword: The Battle for Global Empire and the end of the Ancient World,  Tom Holland Empires of Food – Evan Fraser, Andrew Rimas

CAMBODIA Cambodia Year Zero,  Francais Ponchaud A Single Piece of Luck Among a Thousand Dangers,  Nheck Bun Chhay

VIETNAM Perfect Spy: The Incredible Double Life of Pham Xuan An,   Lay Berman Memories of War: Dien Bien Phu,   Vo Nguyen Giap Codename Mule: Fighting the Secret War in Laos for the CIA,   James E. Parker, Jr. Cities of 19th Century Colonial Vietnam: Hanoi, Saigon, Hue and the Champa Ruins,   P. Barcelar, et al

TRAVEL Expatriate’s Strange Lives in Cambodia,  Frederic Amat Burma Chronicles,   Guy Delisle There is no Toilet Paper on the Road Less Traveled: The Best of Travel Humor and Misadventure , Doug Lansky, Ed. A Vietnam Chronicle and other Asian Stories,   Claude Potvin Emergency Sex (And other Desperate Moves): True Stories from a War Zone,   Kenneth Cain, et al All the Wrong Places: Adrift in the Politics of the Pacific Rim,   James Fenton


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